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 UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment  UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment

UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment

Does your body weight refuse to go down despite your effort in weight loss? Do your pot belly and flabby arms remain jiggly even when you diet and exercise regularly? If so, The UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment is perfect for you!

The UltraShape's patented Vertical Dynamic Focus (VDF) technology3 emits ultrasonic energy into the specific treatment area, effectively breaking down excess fat cells without damaging the surrounding nerve systems. Try this painless, non-invasive and downtime-free treatment, and say bye to your pot belly, flabby arms, and chunky thighs!

Do You Want Slim down the Following Body Areas?

Pot Belly


Upper Arms


UltraShape Aim and fire all your stubborn body fat instantly with UltraShape!

UltraShape UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment

Target and destroy fat cells in those stubborn fat body parts, such as the waist, belly, or thighs.


The patented Vertical Dynamic Focus (VDF) technology emits ultrasonic energy deep into the fat tissues of your treatment area - the 3D real-time image tracking system monitors its aim. The ultrasonic energy vibrates and shatters the fat cells in areas such as the waist, tummy and thighs while remaining harmless to the surrounding skin, vessels and nerves. Take this safe treatment and feel your body fat tissues get thinner after each session. After the ultrasonic energy, the radiofrequency energy speeds up the blood flow at your treatment area, which helps your body expel the dead fat cells, rapidly tightening your skin and enhancing your treatment results. Over 850 clinical testings show significant fat-dissolving results - an overall 25% decrease in fat tissue thickness2,3.

Targeted Concerns

Targets excess fat in the belly, waist, thighs, buttocks1

Suitable Users

People with mild to moderate obesity; those with localized obesity; anyone who wishes for a body sculpting treatment.


Over 300 thousand clinical cases showcase that this treatment can reduce body fat volume. Enjoy rebound-free treatment results simply by maintaining a healthy lifestyle2.


This is a non-invasive fat-burning treatment. The procedure does not require any incisions and brings neither skin/vessel/nerve damage nor pain. This treatment has been safely conducted in 57 countries3.


Four Main Treatment Advantages


Destroy Fat Cells Instantly


Target Multiple Body Fat Areas


Clinical Cases Prove No Rebound2


Non-Invasive, Non-Surgical, Pain-free2

Factors Impacting Weight Loss


Frequent All-Nighters

Insomnia and all-nights are huge obstacles in the way of successful weight loss. Research shows long-term poor sleep impacts hormonal secretion and metabolic rate, essentially enabling body fat accumulation, particularly in the belly, waist and thighs. Moreover, poor sleep can sour your mood and ignite your craving for high-calorie foods, inevitably spoiling your weight loss results.


You cannot lose weight simply by eating a lot less. Initially, you will be happy to see your weight drop, but weight gain rebound is sure to follow! This is because the starving sensation is so insufferable that it foils many people's weight loss plans. Furthermore, even if you achieve your ideal weight, your health will surely suffer. Ultimately, you must regulate your meals reasonably to ensure plenty of nutrient intake.


Your body is composed of 70% water. Water speeds up nutrient transport, metabolism, bowel movement, toxin expulsion and fat burn. So, when you are dehydrated, your metabolism slows down and burns fewer calories, resulting in fat accumulation and failed weight loss.

Workouts Only

Yes, working out helps burn calories and lose weight. However, it cannot replace other vital elements in a successful weight loss journey - you must also have a healthy lifestyle. Specifically, you should replace high-fat/sugar/calorie foods with nutritious options. Moreover, you should also drink plenty of water and sleep well.


Why Choose the UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment?


Targets and Shatters Fat Cells Accurately

The 3D real-time tracking system guides the ultrasonic energy to aim and destroy excess fat cells in the treatment body parts.


Instant and Obvious Fat Burning Results

Microscopic observations show rapid and effective destruction of fat cells after just one treatment session.


Over 300 Thousand Successful Clinical Cases

Numerous testimonials prove this treatment brings long-term and rebound-free results. Undergo one treatment course to reduce fat tissue thickness by 25%2,3.

安全可靠 不留伤口

Safe and Scar-free

This non-invasive treatment is safely conducted in 57 countries. The procedure is painless, woundless and causes no allergic skin reactions.

Experience UltraShape for Free: Slim Down Whichever Body Parts You Want!

Steps of the UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment

Step 1

Professional Body Shape Analysis

The Perfect Medical professional team will evaluate your body shape. The evaluation includes detailed measurements and analysis of your body fat distribution and thickness. The team will also ask you about your expectations and targeted body parts. Finally, the team will use the results from the analysis to set up your treatment plan.

Step 2

Consultation on Daily Habits

Our beauty expert will get to know your daily habits, including your exercise routine, diet and sleeping schedule. Then, the expert will help you set the most suitable treatment schedule based on your fat gain causes.

Step 3

Treatment Preparation

Before starting the treatment, your beautician will explain the treatment technology and steps. Then, they will do a patch test on your skin. Only after a non-adverse result will the treatment begin.

Step 4

Performing the Treatment

The beautician will use the VDF Technology and the 3D real-time image tracking system to emit energy to your treatment area. The tracking system records the intensity of each ultrasound energy emission to ensure an even energy intensity throughout the treatment.

Step 5

Post-Treatment Follow Up

Our team will follow up on your opinion, skin reaction, and before-and-after-treatment comparison of your treated area. Then, the expert will help you book the next appointment.


Treatment Aftercare


  • Drink plenty of water post-treatment to enhance metabolism and speed up lipid expulsion.
  • Maintain long-term treatment results with a healthy diet and a regular workout routine.


  • Avoid other treatments on your treated area for a while post-treatment. Consult a professional if necessary.
  • Don't squeeze, press, rub or knead the treated area for 1 to 3 weeks post-treatment. You may experience a slight ache or soreness in these muscles for 1 to 3 days.

Don't Want to Workout? Or Worse: Working Out Failed to Help You Lose Weight?


Comparing Popular Fat Removal Methods

UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment


The VDF Technology destroys targeted fat cells for metabolic removal. Then, RF energy tightens the skin at the fat-loss area.

Wait Time for Results

Complete the entire treatment course for drastic fat reduction results. The treatment also tightens your skin at the treatment area, thus giving you a tight and firm body outline.


This treatment gives long-lasting results. Prevent fat regain by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


A safe and non-invasive treatment which leaves no wounds on the skin. No downtime or side effects post-treatment.


The procedure is wound-free, almost painless, and requires no anaesthesia. Most users reported feeling safe and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Sessions Needed

Lower fat tissue thickness by 25% after three sessions. We recommend taking an entire treatment course of 6 sessions.

Thermal Lipolysis


Gentle laser energy combined with RF energy to rapidly melt the accumulating fat tissues. Achieve weight loss results when some of the decomposed fat goes through the metabolic process.

Wait Time for Results

Your body shape will become slim slowly after completing an entire treatment course.


Depends on the individual. Maintain treatment results by exercising regularly and eating healthy.


A non-invasive procedure that gives, at most, a slightly pinchy and warm sensation.


Some people feel warm during the procedure - this could be concerning for sensitive skin.

Sessions Needed

Most treatment courses comprise 4 to 6 sessions, while some people may require 6 to 10 sessions to achieve ideal results.



Surgically removing excess fat tissues for instant weight loss results.

Wait Time for Results

The treated body area looks slimmer instantly post-treatment.


Fat can reaccumulate after the surgery.


This is an invasive surgery with a risk of post-treatment complications, such as textured skin, swelling, bruising and chapped wounds.


The localized/full-body anaesthesia might leave you sore and aching post-treatment.

Sessions Needed

One time is usually enough to achieve the expected results. However, those with many fat tissues might need a second round.



Before Treatment


After Treatment


Body Profile Analysis And UltraShape

Body Profile Analysis And


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What is the principle of the UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment?

UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment is a targeted fat reduction. This treatment employs the FDA-cleared, safe and reliable Vertical Dynamic Focus (VDF) technology and radiofrequency energy technology. Both technologies work together to break down excess fat cells for natural metabolic removal. UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment is painless, non-invasive, and helps you shrink stubborn fat body parts effortlessly—one treatment can trim up to 3 cm thick of fat tissues!

How is the UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment better than traditional fat reduction treatments?

Unlike traditional fat reduction treatments, the UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment is a non-invasive and painless treatment. The Vertical Dynamic Focus (VDF) technology emits ultrasound energy at the targeted body fat areas, breaking down excess fat cells instantly, thereby reducing fat cell amount. The radiofrequency technology emits RF energy to stimulate collagen proliferation in the skin tissues, effectively tightening the skin at the fat-loss body parts, ensuring a slim and firm body outline! This treatment brings no wound or damage to the skin tissues and the nerve systems. This procedure is painless and comfortable, accompanied by a slight warmth. There will be no side effects or downtime.

Does the UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment bring efficient results?

UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment shatters excess fat cells for metabolic removal. The efficiency of fat reduction depends on your metabolic rate. Generally, treatment results become significant 14 to 28 days post-treatment. You may expect maximum slimming results on the 28th day. On average, completing three treatments helps to trim 3 to 4 cm-thick of fat tissues. We recommend you finish your treatment plan to see up to 25% fat loss.

Is recovery period necessary fo the UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment?

UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment non-invasive, painless and wound-free. This procedure brings no wounds, and your skin might, at most, become slightly red and warm. No medication is required during and after the treatment. There are also no side effects. Moreover, this treatment requires no recovery period, allowing you to resume your daily schedule and social life. Fat reduction had never been this seamless before!

How long can the UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment results last?

UltraShape 3rd Generation Fat Burner Treatment brings permanent fat loss results with no rebound. This treatment employs VDF technology to break down excess fat cells for metabolic removal. Since the adult body has a fixed amount of fat cells (unless the body goes through dramatic changes), the broken-down fat cells will not regenerate.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer