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RGA 爆发疗程 RGA 爆发疗程

RGA Hair Restoration Treatment

The RGA Hair Restoration Treatment employs the internationally certified Regenera Activa hair regeneration technology, helping you regain luscious hair without hair transplants! Over 30,0003 users worldwide have already experienced this "explosive" hair growth effect! The RGA Hair Restoration Treatment technology extracts "hair growth factors" from your scalp tissues, turning them into the most compatible hair growth essence for you only! 30 minutes are all it takes for your hair to "grow on its own". The very shallow extraction site heals in 1 day. The hair growth factors have a 93% effective rate, with the hair growth results lasting up to 2 years long. Take this treatment and see thicker and longer hair in 30 days!3

What are the benefits of the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment?

Effective as long as hair follicles have not atrophied.

Minimally-invasive therapy

30-minutes session

Up to 2 years-long treatment results

Implant "hair seeds" for self-hair growth!

RGA Hair Restoration Treatment

RGA Hair Restoration Treatment employs the universally-suitable Regenera Activa hair growth technology. This technology can help with your hair loss as long as your hair follicles have not completely shrunk. The innovative hair rejuvenation and regeneration technology extracts hair growth factors from your scalp, turning them into hair growth essence which is then infused into your hair loss areas. The "self-made" essence helps to stimulate the self-repair of hair follicles and capillaries, reconstructing a healthy scalp environment for nurturing new hair.


Extract hair follicle cells directly from your scalp and use advanced instruments to extract growth factors from within—the entire process takes about 3 minutes. This process results in a growth factor essence exclusively for you. The essence is infused into your hair loss areas of up to 500 cm2. This essence increases the nutrient content on your scalp, which is important for rebuilding healthy hair follicles and capillaries, resulting in healthy hair regrowth3.

Targeted Concerns

Congenital and acquired hair loss concerns, including receding hairlines, male pattern baldness, crown baldness, hair thinning and more1.

Suitable Users

Those with moderate hair loss, and those whose hair follicles have not yet completely atrophied1.


Encourages capillary regrowth on the scalp; hair regrowth effect can last for up to 2 years3.


You may wash your hair one day after the treatment; this low-invasive treatment employs the RGA hair restoration technology, which is both FMA-approved in Japan and CE-certified in the EU, thereby ensuring this treatment's safety3.


RGA Hair Restoration
Four Major Treatment Advantages

逾3万人见证 极低创伤性

Over 30,000 users; low-invasive treatment3


Effective comparable to hair transplantation1


Hair regeneration effect can last up to 2 years3


FMA-approved in Japan and CE-certified in the EU3

Reasons for Hair Loss


Misjudging the causes of hair loss

Hair loss can be either congenital or acquired. The most common type of congenital hair loss is male pattern baldness, which is inherited. Common acquired hair loss types include scalp infections, seborrheic hair loss, and stress-related hair loss. Different hair loss types and hair loss lesions require different treatments. Picking the wrong treatment may worsen hair loss. Therefore, you should seek professional help early on for a proper diagnosis. RGA Hair Restoration Treatment can strengthen hair follicle growth, thereby increasing the chance of successful hair regrowth.

Mistrusting vital products

Excessive scalp sebum is a common cause of hair loss. Hong Kong, in particular, is very humid, which can worsen the scalp conditions of those with oily or sensitive skin. A common misconception regarding oily scalp is that it requires frequent hair washing. However, the truth is that scalp barrier imbalance and scalp dryness can also cause an oily scalp, as well as excess dandruff, odour and hair loss. Numerous vital products claim to be able to deep-cleanse the scalp and reduce scalp sebum. Randomly using and frequently switching these products can worsen the balance of the scalp microbiota, resulting in aching, inflammation and further hair loss.

Stressful daily life

Many young hair loss patients in Hong Kong suffer from stress-related hair loss. Mental health can impact physical health. Failed hair loss treatment can also feed into stress, which worsens stress-related hair loss. Long-term stress can cause dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, as well as muscle tension and slow blood flow to the scalp, thereby providing insufficient nutrition to the hair follicle cells. Moreover, when under stress, the body's defence mechanism will slow down secondary bodily functions. Such functions include nails and hair growth, which can result in hair loss and gradually thinning hair. Early professional diagnosis and the RGA hair restoration treatment can greatly increase hair regrowth chance.

Surface-level treatment

Lots of hair growth essences, shampoos, and relevant products on the market bring questionable results. They may not be able to penetrate deeply into the scalp, thereby only moisturizing and reducing sebum on the scalp's surface without improving hair follicle health. Instead of ineffective hair loss products, you should consider the low-invasive RGA Hair Restoration Treatment, which employs growth factors treatment for hair regeneration. One treatment session takes only 30 minutes with almost no recovery period.


Why choose the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment?


100% natural hair growth

Hair growth essence is made from growth factors extracted straight from your scalp tissues, thereby eliciting no transplant rejection reactions while increasing the success rate of hair regrowth.

存活率达 93%

Growth factor survival rate up to 93%3

RGA technology maintains the survival rate of growth factors at up to 93%—much higher than that of hair transplantation surgery, ensuring even and robust hair follicle regrowth in the future.

伤口 1 日瘉合

Wound heals in 1 day2

The RGA Hair Restoration treatment process is simple, effective, and with close to no recovery period. The needle-sized wounds heal within 24 hours, allowing you to wash and blow-dry your hair.

30分钟 vs 2年

2 years-long treatment results3

An RGA Hair Restoration Treatment session takes only 30 minutes, with the results lasting up to 2 years, making for a high-value and efficient treatment. Observes visible improvement in hair length and thickness within 30 days post-treatment.

Come and try this 30-minute hair regrowth treatment!

Steps of the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment

Step 1

Professional Scalp Analysis

Hair growth expert uses professional equipment to conduct scalp examination: observing your scalp condition, the number of hair strands in each hair follicle, hair strand health and hair density. Our expert will judge your scalp environment and the severity of your hair loss from a medical perspective.

Step 2

Free Consultation

Hair growth expert will explain the results of your scalp examination. They will also discuss with you your daily habits to pinpoint the true cause of hair loss. From then on, the expert will provide you with improvement suggestions. The expert will also explain the principle and technology of RGA Hair Restoration Treatment.

Step 3

Pre-treatment Preparation

You shall stop using all hair growth products one-day before treatment. Instead, you simply need to wash your hair. On the day of the treatment, the operation team may check your blood sugar.

进行 RGA 爆发疗程
Step 4

Performing the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment

The treatment session takes only 30 minutes. The therapist will gently extract growth factors from your scalp for creating the hair growth essence, which will then be massaged evenly into the hair loss areas.

Step 5

Follow-up After Treatment

Your scalp may feel slightly hot, numb, and swollen after the treatment. All of these symptoms plus wounds will subside within a day. The medical beauty consultant will explain to you the aftercare tips and schedule a follow-up appointment to check up on the hair growth rate.


RGA Hair Restoration
Post-Treatment Hair & Scalp Care Tips


  • You may change the bandage on the wound until it heals completely.
  • Be gentle with your scalp, avoid rubbing or scratching it.


  • Do not wash your hair within 1-day post-treatment.
  • Do not undergo other hair growth treatments within 1-week post-treatment. Stop using hair growth products and avoid swimming and hot springs for 1 month.

Hair transplant surgery is not the ultimate solution!


Comparing Effective Hair Growth Methods

RGA Hair Restoration Treatment


Extract hair growth factors essence to be massaged into the hair loss area to encourage scalp area capillary regeneration, reconstructing a healthy scalp for the sustainable growth of thick, glossy hair.

Effective time

Hair becomes thicker and longer in 30 days post-treatment3.


Hair regrowth effect lasts about 2 years3.


FMA-approved in Japan and CE-certified in EU3.

Comfort level

Minimally invasive, with pinhole-sized wounds healing within 24 hours3.

Sessions needed

Depends on the size of the hair loss area. Generally, 1 to 2 sessions are enough to cover all of the hair loss areas.

Hair Transplant


Extracts healthy hair follicles from the back of the head to be implanted into the hair loss areas. The survival rate of the hair follicles highly depends on the surgeon's skills.

Effective time

The results vary between individuals. Generally, hair growth can be seen 6-9 months after the transplant.


No guaranteed long-term hair growth; the new hair may become thin and fall out.


Incision wounds can be subjected to scarring, inflammation and bacterial infection.

Comfort level

This is an invasive surgery that requires anaesthesia and post-operational painkillers. There will also be incision scars on the scalp.

Sessions Needed

Most users require only one session, though a second session may be necessary in some cases.

Prescription hair growth serum (Minoxidil)


Apply the prescribed minoxidil hair growth serum twice daily to stimulate blood flow at the scalp, thereby increasing nutrient supply to the hair follicles for increasing hair growth.

Effective time

See new hair growth after 3 months.


Once the serum application stops, so does the hair growth effect.


Generally safe. However, applying minoxidil twice a day can cause scalp irritation for some people.

Comfort level

Have to take time to apply the hair growth serum. Also, the serum can make the scalp and hair sticky and itchy.

Frequency Needed

Long-term and daily usage is recommended.

Hong Kong RGA Hair Restoration Treatment Real Results






Scalp Analysis And RGA

Scalp Analysis And


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RGA Hair Restoration Treatment

What is the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment?

Perfect Medical's RGA Hair Restoration Treatment is a groundbreaking hair rejuvenation technology. This technology has been FMA-approved in Japan and CE-certified in the EU. Firstly, minimally-invasive techniques are used to extract "growth factors" from still-healthy hair follicles on inconspicuous areas of your scalp. A large amount of hair growth factors are extracted using professional high-tech instruments. The factors, in essence form, are infused into your hair-loss scalp lesions, stimulating up to 500 cm2 of scalp tissues. The survival rate of the hair growth factors is up to 93%. The entire treatment takes only 30 minutes. Hair growth factors help to create a healthy scalp environment, promote capillary regeneration, and improve hair loss. The hair growth effect is comparable to that of hair transplantation. See healthier hair follicles and hair strands in no time!

How is the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment low-invasive?

The RGA Hair Restoration Treatment technology is internationally-certified, ensuring safety for the users. This is a low-invasive treatment that results in some minor, painless and quick-to-heal wounds. The wounds are created during the extraction and injection processes of the hair growth factors. These tiny wounds are essentially invisible. Your scalp might be slightly red and swollen for a short period after the treatment—don't worry, these symptoms and the wounds will heal after one day. Unlike hair transplantation surgery, this treatment requires no anaesthesia. Downtime is also not needed, thus no interference to your daily schedule and social life.

Who is suitable for the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment?

RGA Hair Restoration Treatment is suitable for most people who experience hair loss as long as their hair follicles have not completely atrophied. Specifically, RGA Hair Restoration Treatment is ideal for those with male pattern baldness, receding hairlines or thinning hair. Perfect Medical's professional hair care team will conduct a scalp analysis with advanced instruments to examine your scalp and hair condition, thereby pinpointing the true cause of hair loss. You are welcome to register for a free consultation with Perfect Medical's expert team to assess your suitability for the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment.

How long can the treatment results of the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment last?

Generally speaking, the results of RGA Hair Restoration Treatment can last for two years, with the hair growth and rejuvenation effects reaching their peak half a year post-treatment. How can a 30-minute treatment give 2-years long results? RGA Hair Restoration Treatment does it by injecting hair growth factors which come straight from your hair follicles, thus ensuring maximum effectiveness and minimum rejection reactions and side effects! The growth factors help create healthy scalp tissues and hair follicles, regenerate capillary growth, and encourage long-term thick hair strand growth

What is the difference between the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment and the F8 Hair Regrowth Treatment? Which one should I choose?

Both F8 Hair Regrowth Treatment and RGA Hair Restoration Treatment have obtained international safety certifications. F8 is a non-invasive and painless treatment. The F8 medical-grade gentle bio-laser can penetrate the scalp to activate the hair follicles and promote blood flow at the scalp, improving the nutrient supply for hair regeneration. F8 Hair Regrowth Treatment is usually recommended for people with mild hair loss who do not want to undergo invasive treatment. In another hand, those with moderate hair loss, thinning hair and exposed scalp are recommended to undergo RGA Hair Restoration Treatment before the hair follicles are completely atrophied. RGA Hair Restoration Treatment can recreate a healthy overall scalp environment for hair regrowth. Noticeably, RGA Hair Restoration Treatment and F8 Hair Regrowth Treatment are not mutually exclusive: one may undergo F8 Hair Growth Treatment for maintenance after completing the RGA Hair Restoration Treatment. Undergoing both treatments can maximize the growth rate and quality of the hair strands. A free trial of the F8 Hair Regrowth Treatment is available for you—don't miss out!

Where can I enjoy discounted first trial of RGA Hair Restoration Treatment in Hong Kong

Perfect Medical is now promoting a special offer of RGA Hair Restoration Treatment.Simply register online to experience an entire treatment session with discount. As complementary service, the professional experts will provide you with a customized treatment and answer all your relevant questions. Feel free to contact us for more information. Learn about Hong Kong branch addresses and opening hours

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer