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CoolShaping 冷冻溶脂疗程 CoolShaping 冷冻溶脂疗程

CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment

Perfect Medical's CoolShaping Fat Freezing treatment can achieve fat loss in targeted areas, including tummy, belly, thigh, arms, calf, waist and buttock. CoolShaping adopts the patented cryolipolysis technology for freezing excess fat cells in the targeted areas. The fat cells become crystallized and necrotic. Natural metabolism then removes these necrotic fat cells from the body. Eventually, the targeted fat layers become thinner, resulting in easy-fat loss with no rebounds.

Do you want the following weight-loss outcomes?

Rapid fat reduction3

No weight-gain rebound3

Non-invasive and painless experience2

No side effects3

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CoolShaping Cryolipolysis Technology

Three steps: crystallizes fat cells at low temperature; removes excess fat cells out of the body; rapid fat loss without weight-gain rebounds.


Fat cells are sensitive to low temperatures. Once frozen, fat cells become necrotic. CoolShaping cryolipolysis technology lowers the temperature in targeted body areas to -10°c, effectively freezing excess fat cells to be removed naturally via the body's lymphatic system.

Targeted Areas

Tummy, belly, thigh, waist, calf, arm, buttocks and more. 1

Suitable Users

People with layered fat at specific body parts who want to lose weight quickly while retaining tight skin.


The weight loss results are long-lasting with no rebounds3


CoolShaping cryolipolysis technology is developed and patented by Harvard Medical School. This weight loss technology is non-invasive and without side effects.


Four Major Treatment Advantages

Lose weight in the seven most stubborn body fat areas

Lose weight in the seven most stubborn body fat areas

Technology developed by Havard Medical School

Technology developed by Havard Medical School1

Eliminates body fat cells without rebounding*

Eliminates body fat cells without rebounding3

Non-invasive and painless

Non-invasive and painless2

Three Reasons Why You fail at Losing Body Fat


Blindly Believing "Rapid Weight Loss" Methods

The Internet is swarming with weight loss-related information and methods. Many believe in "rapid weight-loss diets" promoted by beauty influenecers. However, most experts and nutritionists recommend aiming for a sustainable healthy weight loss rate of 0.5kg-1kg per month. In reality, most people who lose weight rapidly don't actually lose body fat but rather water weight and muscle mass. Muscle mass, in particular, is positively correlated to calorie expense. As muscle mass is reduced, so does daily calorie expense, meaning the body is now more prone to fat-storing.

Frail Body

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe sweating reduces "qi" in the body and thins the blood. Hong Kong women often sit from 9 to 5; their urban lifestyle leads to unhealthy and frail bodies. Generic weight-loss methods, such as restrictive dieting and strenuous workouts, can induce nutrient deficiency and excessive sweating, thining "qi" and blood, worsening the body's condition.

Weight Loss Plateau

People who lose weight by dieting and doing aerobic exercises soon face the "weight-loss plateau", meaning the body weight stops dropping. A weight-loss plateau occurs because the body gets used to the reduced calorie intakes and increased calorie expenses. Unless you can break through this challenging stage, weight-loss progress will halt unless you take more extreme weight management measures. However, if you ever let yourself loose, you will immediately witness body weight-gain rebounds.


Once a person reaches adulthood, the number of body fat cells remains constant unless the body undergoes significant changes. Moreover, the number of body fat cells is mainly determined by genetics. No amount of exercise and diet can lose body fat cells. Generic weight-loss methods reduce excess body fat content in the fat cells, meaning the body fat content can be regained very quickly. Body fat cells can be decreased only via liposuction surgery and some non-invasive weight management treatments.


Why choose the CoolShaping Fat Freezing treatment?



Compare to liposuction surgery, cryolipolysis technology is non-invasive, painless, and harmless to the body.

Significant fat reduction effect

Significant fat reduction effect

Visible fat mass thinning occurs after just one session. The wait time for results is short, making this treatment ideal for busy individuals.

No rebound

No rebound

Cryolipolysis technology helps lose body fat by freezing body fat cells to be removed from the body. Since the number of fat cells decreases, there is less storage space for fat content. This means fat mass is reduced, and body weight-gain rebounds are unlikely.

Targeted fat loss

Targeted fat loss

Exercise and diet alone cannot directly result in losing body fat in a specific area, but cryolipolysis can immediately help you lose the fat cells in any body part, helping you regain healthy body fat percentage without losing muscle mass.

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Steps of CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment

Professional Body Shape Analysis
Step 1

Professional Body Shape Analysis

Perfect Medical's healthy weight-loss experts will inquire about the client's treatment expectations. Then, the experts will measure the client's body shape and fat body areas. Using these data, the experts will tailor-make a most effective and efficient treatment plan for the client.

Consultation regarding Lifestyle
Step 2

Consultation regarding Lifestyle

Perfect Medical's consultants understand that daily routines can make or break one's weight-loss journey. To maximise fat reduction results, the consultants will discuss with the client to identify the daily habits that hinder successful weight loss. Then, the consultant will set up the ideal treatment session amount and frequency.

Preparation before treatment
Step 3

Preparation before treatment

Our aesthetic therapists will explain to the client the theory and procedure of the CoolShaping treatment. Then, the therapists will mark and confirm the treatment areas. Next, a patch test will be performed to see the client's sensitivity and skin reaction toward the cryowave.

CoolShaping session
Step 4

CoolShaping session

During the session, the CoolShaping equipment handpiece will emit cryowaves at the targeted body parts. As a result, the temperature at the fat layers will drop, freezing the excess fat cells. Metabolism will then remove the now necrotic fat cells from the body. The client may feel a cooling sensation. The therapist will closely monitor the client's reactions throughout the process.

Professional follow-up post-treatment
Step 5

Professional follow-up post-treatment

After completing the Cool Shaping treatment session, the aesthetic therapists will cleanse the skin for the client. Our consultants will ask for feedback regarding the treatment. The client will be instructed on the aftercare routine. The consultants will also help the client with booking the next session.


Treatment Aftercare


  • Drink more water for faster excretion of fat cells.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly for a long-lasting slimming result.


  • Avoid squeezing, pressing or rubbing the treated areas within one to three weeks post-treatment. The treated areas may be red, swollen, numb, sore, or itchy. All symptoms are normal and should subside slowly.
  • Avoid undergoing another treatment in the treated areas. Ask for professional advice for any confusion on this matter.

Don't say you can't lose weight without ever trying CoolShaping!


Comparisons among popular fat dissolution treatments

CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatmen


Fat cells are sensitive to coldness. CoolShaping employs the low-temperature cryolipolysis technology to freeze excess fat cells into crystalline. Then, the body removes frozen fat cells via metabolism.

Wait time for results

Observable thining of fat layers appears within 1 to 2 months post-treatment.


Enjoy sustainable weight loss results without rebounds when supported by a healthy lifestyle.


A safe fat loss treatment that leaves no harm (i.e. frostbites) on the body.


The treated areas may become red, numb, sore, or itchy. These symptoms should subside within three weeks.

Needed session amount

The session amount and overall treatment plan depend on the client's body shape, needs and conditions.

IPL therapy


Emit low-energy far-infrared laser beams to dissolve fat non-invasively. Dissolved fat will be removed via metabolism.

Wait time for results

Visible thinning of fat layers occurs within 8 to 12 weeks.


Results last 1 to 2 years.


Safe; the user may feel slightly warm during the treatment session; non-invasive and painless.


Comfortable; no downtime.

Needed session amount

One IPL therapy course consists of 4 to 6 sessions or more to achieve the ideal results.

Aerobic exercise


Keep your heart rate at a fat-burning level for at least 30 minutes during aerobic exercises. Combine with a balanced diet for ideal slimming results.

Wait time for results

Varies among individuals. But, for most, half a month of exercise can cause improvement in body shape.


Workout consistently to keep weight-loss results. However, people who do aerobic exercises only will soon face the weight-loss plateau as the body has adapted to the reduced daily calorie intake.


Sports injuries can occur when working out with improper postures.


Exercising can be difficult for beginners as workout intensity increases.

Needed session amount

Exercise regularly at least three times per week. Exercise every day for quicker weight loss results.

Real Treatment Results

Before Treatment

Before Treatment

After treatment

After treatment


Body Profile Analysis And CoolShaping

Body Profile Analysis And


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What is the theory behind the cryolipolysis technology?

The theory of cryolipolysis is simple: since fat cells (AKA adipocytes) are sensitive to extreme temperatures, low temperatures that are safe for the human body can necrotize these fat cells. Cryolipolysis equipment emits cryowaves at the fatty tissues to target and destroy the excess fat cells for natural excretion, achieving fat reduction non-invasively.

What are the advantages of the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment?

The CoolShaping cryolipolysis technology is developed and patented by Harvard Medical School. This technology makes for non-invasive, painless, rebound-free fat freezing treatments. The CoolShaping equipment emits -10°C cryowaves at the targeted fatty areas to freeze the excess fat cells without damaging surrounding skin tissues. The metabolism expels the frozen fat cells. The CoolShaping treatment procedure is safe and effective. With just one treatment, you can see thinning of the fatty tissues.

What are the differences between CoolShaping cryolipolysis and thermal lipolysis?

Thermal lipolysis technologies are more diverse when compared to cryolipolysis, as they include laser beams of various wavelengths, low-energy far-infrared lasers, radio frequency, ultrasonic waves and more. All the above technologies work by creating heat energy via magnetoresistance (MR), heating the fat cells to 42-47°C to induce fatty-acid release to be expelled by metabolism. As a result, thermal lipolysis reduces the fat cells' sizes only, which can see rebounding effects after a couple of years. In contrast, cryolipolysis eliminates excess fat cells for more sustainable fat reduction results.

Who should not receive the CoolShaping Fat Freezing Treatment?

Ladies who are menstruating, pregnant, or breastfeeding are not fit for cryolipolysis treatment. If you have any liver or kidney-related illnesses or conditions, please consult with professionals on taking the treatment.

Will I experience rebounds with CoolShaping?

Dieting and aerobic exercises only reduce the fatty content inside the fat cells. The Fat cell sizes can be regained without limiting calorie intake, resulting in rebounds. On the other hand, CoolShaping Fat Freezing treatment lowers the number of fat cells, preventing fatty content regain. There shall be no rebounds to the CoolShaping treatment results as long as you keep up with a relatively healthy lifestyle.

1Only for specific treatment

2Treatment results and progress depend on factors including the individual’s skin and body conditions

3Information provided by the manufacturer